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What Is The Difference Between Low, Medium And High Grade Adhesive Paper?
- Feb 21, 2019 -

Double-offset paper refers to printing paper, also known as offset paper, old call paper / paper. Often used in production and life, the following hanrt small to introduce you to the next low, high-grade double tape bar.

double gummed paper

Low grade double tape paper: usually recycled double tape paper. Recycled paper is a kind of paper made from waste paper. Due to the manufacturer in deinking when not clean, resulting in recycled double-rubber paper have some dots of black ink. Recycled paper can greatly reduce the amount of waste water and reduce the environmental pollution. It does not affect the normal use of office and learning, and helps protect the health of vision.

high grade adhesive paper

Medium-grade double tape paper: usually mixed paper. Production of medium-grade double-rubber paper manufacturers are generally located in Hunan, Shandong, Henan and other manufacturing areas more developed. This is relatively common in the market. Not only can it serve as high-grade paper, but the price is similar to that of low-grade paper. So most manufacturers also produce low-grade paper when they produce high-grade paper, in order to expand their customers. The manufacturer of recycled paper will also produce high-grade paper.

High-grade double rubber paper: usually all-wood double rubber paper. It has the characteristics of high strength, good whiteness, good evenness, good flatness, accurate plate and clear image. Also good office paper, can print student textbooks, high-grade newspapers, covers, illustrations. With people's consumption level and ideas higher and higher, high-grade paper will also be used more and more frequently.

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