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What Are Features Of Glitter Paper?
- Jan 24, 2019 -

The features of glitter paper sheets:

1, with sparkling characteristics

2, with a flame retardant effect

3. Wide application range and flexibility

4, can be bronzing, silk screen, double-printing, embossing, gravure, double-printing gold process!

5, the color can be customized without restrictions, the special color needs more than 500 meters.

6, can develop a new version, can be customized for the customer's graphic film version.

7, the material can be made into PP, PVC.

The use of glitter paper:

1) Tote bags, (such as moon cake bags, gift box bags, etc.; these materials are PP materials).

2) Gift box (to composite paper, PP paper with a thickness of 80u), the material is PP.

3) Self-adhesive composite release paper (mainly used in the stationery gift market), the material is PP.

4) Paperboard (mainly used in the stationery and gift market, art and craft works), the material is PP.

5) Tape (tape for gift wrapping), made of PP.

6) Wine bags, especially red wine bags, made of PE.

7) Hanging tag; (mainly used for clothing; bags, etc.).

8) Artwork; (mainly used for stage props: stage background/art flower decoration, etc.)

9) cosmetic bag; (mainly used for packaging of cosmetics series)

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