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Paper Development Process
- Jul 30, 2018 -

The development of paper has also gone through a tortuous process. After the invention of papermaking in 105 AD, papermaking was spread from Henan to other areas with developed economic and cultural properties. Cai Lun was sealed to Longting Hou in Yangxian County of Shaanxi Province, and the papermaking technique was transmitted to the Hanzhong area and gradually spread to Sichuan. According to the folklore of Cai Lun’s hometown of Hunan’s Xiangyang, Cai Lun also taught papermaking to his hometown. At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Shandong papermaking was also relatively developed, and the papermaking expert Zuo Bo of Donglai County (now Jixian County) had been out. After the papermaking in the second century AD was promoted in various parts of China, paper became a powerful competitor for harmony and simplicity. In the third to fourth centuries AD, paper has basically replaced 帛 and Jane and became the only writing material in China, which has effectively promoted the spread and development of science and culture in China. During the Wei, Jin and Southern and Northern Dynasties from the third to the sixth century AD, China's papermaking continued to innovate. In terms of raw materials, in addition to the original hemp and glutinous rice, it has been expanded to make paper with mulberry and rattan. In terms of equipment, it inherits the paper-making technology of the Western Han Dynasty, and there are more movable curtain paper molds. With a movable bamboo curtain placed on the frame, thousands of sheets of wet paper can be retrieved repeatedly, which improves the work efficiency. In the processing and manufacturing technology, the lye cooking and crucible are strengthened, the quality of the paper is improved, and processed paper such as colored paper, coated paper, and filler paper appears.

From the ancient papers produced during the period unearthed from the Dunhuang Shifang and Xinjiang Shaying, the paper fibers are evenly bonded, the appearance is white, and the surface is smooth, which can be described as "a wonderful glow". In the sixth century AD, Jia Sizhen was also in the "Qi Min Yao Shu", which specifically recorded two techniques for the treatment of paper raw materials, suede and yellow paper. At the same time, papermaking was passed to our neighbors North Korea and Vietnam, which was the beginning of the papermaking rumor.

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