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Main Features Of Foam
- Jul 30, 2018 -

(1) The weight is very low, which can reduce the weight of the package and reduce the transportation cost;

(2) It has excellent impact and vibration energy absorption, which can greatly reduce the damage of the product by buffering the shockproof packaging;

(3) It has strong adaptability to changes in temperature and humidity and can meet the requirements of general packaging conditions;

(4) Low water absorption, low hygroscopicity, good chemical stability, no corrosion to the contents, and strong resistance to chemicals such as acid and alkali;

(5) Low thermal conductivity, can be used for thermal insulation packaging, such as ice cream cups, fast food containers and insulated fish boxes;

(6) The molding process is convenient, and various foam cushions, foam blocks, sheets, and the like can be formed by molding methods such as molding, extrusion, and injection. It is easy to carry out secondary molding processing, for example, foam sheets can be made into various fast food containers by thermoforming. In addition, the foam block can be bonded to another material by an adhesive or bonded to other materials to form various cushioning sheets and the like.