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Introduction Of Glitter Powder
- Feb 06, 2019 -

As a unique surface treatment material, it is widely used in Christmas crafts, candle craft, cosmetics, screen printing industry (cloth, leather, shoes-shoes, New year's pictures series), Decorative materials (craft glass art, polycrystalline glass; Crystal glass crystal ball), paint decoration, furniture spray paint, packaging, Christmas gifts, toy pens and other fields, its characteristics are to enhance the visual effect of the product, so that the decorative part of the concave and convex layers, more three-dimensional. But its high flash characteristic, makes the decoration bright and dazzling, multiplies the brilliance.

There are also cosmetics, and eye shadow in the field of cosmetics, as well as nail polish and all kinds of nail products have a wide range of applications. Glitter Powder has been widely used in food packaging industry because of the bright effect of plastic film and coating. But it is strictly forbidden to add it to food.
glitter paper

With the continuous development of science and technology, the application of scallion powder in various fields will be more and more extensive.

One of our company's main products , glitter paper , is based on color paper covered with a layer of glitter powder.If you have the purchase plan of office appliances, school supplies and paper , welcome to contact us!