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How To Turn A Discarded A4 Fluorescent Paper Into A Memo Paper
- Jan 18, 2019 -

Nowadays many white-collar workers use A4 fluorescent color paper sheet to print a single side, and the back blank is not fully utilized and thrown into the trash can, which is actually a waste of resources, which is not conducive to environmental protection. The following describes a method of using the old A4 paper self-made memo, so that the misplaced resources become waste!

Tools/raw materials:
Some scrap single-sided A4 fluorescent paper
1 ruler
2 small iron clips
How to turn a discarded A4 fluorescent paper into a memo paper

Method / step:
1. Select a number of scrap single-sided A4 fluorescent paper to fold it in half.
2. Use the ruler to position the crease line and press it tightly, and tear the A4 fluorescent paper along the crease line to become a stack of A5 size fluorescent paper.
3. Design the A5 size simple memo cover in the WORD software, print the "XX company", "memo", "name", "department", etc., can be designed according to the needs.
4. Print the designed document out of the blank side of the waste single-sided A4 fluorescent paper, and then tear it apart after folding it in half.
5. Place an A5 size memo cover on a number of already-arranged A5 fluorescent papers and clip them with two small iron clips. A homemade memo is done!

Although this self-made memo can only be written on one side, it can always remind you to always turn waste into treasure and make full use of the resources of the wrong place around us.