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Characteristics And Application Of Holographic Film
- Feb 19, 2019 -

The holographic film is a high-tech and environmentally-friendly new material developed at the beginning of this century. It is a special production process that can be used to produce composite holographic jams, transfer holographic jams, uv holographic decorative materials, and holographic holographic images. Carrier. At present, the most widely used holographic films on the market are holographic aluminized film, holographic bronzing film, holographic rainbow film, holographic dielectric film, transparent holographic film, and holographic dielectric film.

First, the holographic iris film


The color of the holographic iris film is made up of light interference, and the colors vary depending on the angle of observation. The holographic color film is divided into red, yellow, blue, green, purple and other colors. It can be combined with paper, plastic and artificial leather of different colors. After compounding, it can also be embossed, bronzing and printing, which creates a pattern on the surface of the rainbow film. Make it more colorful. Suitable for areas such as handbag wrapping paper, gift boxes, etc.

silver holographic film

Second, the holographic dielectric film

holographic dielectric film, thickness: 19μm-40μm, is an upgraded product of holographic transparent film. Its remarkable features are: holographic brightness is several times stronger than ordinary holographic transparent film, and the holographic pattern can not be wiped off. It is especially suitable for laminating paper products such as high-grade medicine boxes, wine boxes and gift boxes.

Third, the holographic bronzing film

The holographic bronzing material is divided into two types of plastic and paper glue. The hot plastic is made of plastic or PET film as the substrate, and the hot paper adhesive is made of paper film. Hot paper adhesive is suitable for hot stamping various logos, patterns and patterns on paper substrates such as invitations, greeting cards, calendars, postcards and book covers. Hot plastic is suitable for hot stamping pencils, movable pens, original ball pens, plastic toys and other products. It can also be used to stamp various logos, patterns and patterns on PET film, and then be affixed to bicycles, glass and machinery as ads. Or a trademark, beautiful in the sun, lifelike. Because the holographic film paper has high security and anti-counterfeiting, beautiful color and dynamic illusion effect, positive code anti-counterfeiting [anti-counterfeiting gimmick] is believed to be widely used in various fields such as packaging, printing and decoration in the near future.