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Advantages Of Origami
- Feb 12, 2019 -

Origami is not only an art, but also an exercise method.

To learn about origami, you need to look at the folding process with your eyes and think at the same time as you look at it. When you fold, you have to do it yourself, and when you encounter problems, you have to think carefully about how others have done it just now. This will enable you to use your brain, active thinking, thus achieving the hands, eyes, brain trinity.

As memory declines in older people, origami plays a more obvious role and can even rejuvenate people. Some overseas sanatoriums use origami as a way to rehabilitate patients.

Origami colored paper

Origami can also enhance people's feelings, deepen mutual understanding, so that people live in harmony and harmony. "origami is a collective activity, because you need to learn from others, in the process of learning, people exchange experience, feelings will naturally deepen. You can also send some paper works to others, which not only improves your skills, but also promotes friendship. You can kill two birds with one stone. " 

In addition, where to buy origami paper can be folded into a real life can be used in fruit, pen, not only durable, beautiful, but also very environmental protection, will not cause pollution to the environment.

Origami colored paper is not a childhood thing, but a profound art. For example, for a catamaran, consider which position to break the canopy before folding, and consider how to influence the structure of the stern of the bow and make a very accurate calculation in advance. Also like a dinosaur, the center of gravity of the whole dinosaur seems to be all concentrated in the upper body, but the stand is stable as Mount Tai, because before the folding, the paper-folding person has calculated the distribution of the paper and the position of the center of gravity. So the paper is full of exploration and discovery, and there are many difficulties and tests. With efforts, there will be new discoveries and a strong sense of achievement.

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