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- Jul 30, 2018 -

Newsprint is also called white paper, which is the main paper for newspapers and books; it is suitable for papers such as newspapers, periodicals, textbooks, and comic strips. The characteristics of newsprint are: paper is light and light, with good elasticity; good ink absorption performance, which ensures that the ink can be fixed on the paper surface; after the paper is calendered, both sides are smooth and no hair, so that the two sides The print is clear and full; has a certain mechanical strength; good opacity; suitable for high speed rotary printing.

This kind of paper is made from mechanical wood pulp (or other chemical pulp) and contains a lot of lignin and other impurities, which is not suitable for long-term storage. If the storage time is too long, the paper will become yellow and brittle, and the water resistance is poor. It is not suitable for writing. Printing ink or book ink must be used, the viscosity of the ink should not be too high, and the moisture of the layout must be strictly controlled during lithography.

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